Housing Support Program

BIAD helps clients affected by brain injury to find appropriate housing solutions. This is done through the Housing Program. 

This outreach service provides flexible and personalized support to individuals and families who are dealing with various housing challenges. The Housing Program assists clients in finding safe and affordable housing that meets their specific needs, whether they are leaving an unstable housing situation, preventing homelessness after leaving institutions, or currently homeless or couch surfing. 

BIAD addresses specific areas such as; 

  • Providing budgeting assistance
  • Advocating for individuals facing housing challenges
  • Engaging in landlord canvassing
  • Assisting individuals with CDCD and Housing Stability applications
  • Mediating with landlords on behalf of tenants
  • Supporting food security for individuals
  • Assisting in finding suitable housing options
  • Providing income support through ODSP and OW programs
  • Engaging in active outreach to individuals in need
  • Assisting individuals in connecting with addictions/harm reduction resources
  • Supporting individuals in finding mental health/crisis resources
  • Collaborating with community partners and housing services
  • Using the HIFIS system to support individuals in securing housing options.

Application For Service

BIAD offers non-medical Brain Injury community support services. An application can be made by the individual (Self-referral) or Professionals (primary health care/community partners) by completing an Application for Services form. To access this application please click this link https://biad.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/2023.03.22-BIAD-Applicaton-for-Service.pdf

BIAD follows the PHIPA guidelines and accepts applications via fax, mail, or in-person. To maintain confidentiality, please refrain from sending the application form via email. If you require a paper copy of the form please contact us at intake@ceabi.ca or call us at 905-723-2732

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