Homelessness Prevention Program

The Homelessness Prevention Program is a no-cost service that works in conjunction with the Community Supports Coordination Program. This is an agile outreach service that supports individuals and families with loved ones who have experienced a cognitive disability, and are also struggling with various housing issues.  The Homelessness Prevention Program works to assist individuals with housing needs that vary from exiting a precarious housing situation, preventing homelessness after discharge from institutions, to assisting individuals who are currently experiencing homelessness (living with friends/ couch surfing) or living outdoors. We are able to connect in a variety of ways, in person, via email, phone calls or text messages


Based on individual housing needs, we facilitate the process of getting safe affordable housing and remaining housed long-term.  Areas can include:

  • Budgeting
  • Advocacy
  • Landlord canvassing
  • CDCD and Housing Stability applications
  • Third party mediation between landlords     and tenants
  • Food security
  • Housing Search
  • Income Support (ODSP,OW)
  • Active Outreach
  • Addictions/Harm Reduction Connection
  •  Mental Health/Crisis Support Connection
  • Collaborate with community partners and housing services
  • Connected to HIFIS system



We provide a comprehensive advocacy role to support individuals in securing and remaining in housing of their choice.   We provide education and support to eliminate barriers and promote stability and independence in our community.