Peer Support Program

88% of Mentors say that being a Mentor improved their quality of life! 

100% of Partners recommend the Peer Support Program!

The Peer Support Program connects people with a Mentor who has lived experiences with an individual (Partner) who is also living with the effects of an acquired brain injury who requires the support whether they be a survivor or caregiver.

The Program is available to survivors, family members and/or unpaid caregivers. 

Mentors and Partners are matched based on similar experiences, needs and person interests. As a mentor, you would communicate by phone once a week and discuss problems, becoming an additional resource for support and education for those in need of support who also have lived experiences.

The Peer Support Program is coordinated through The Local Brain Injury Association of Ontario, making it possible to be matched province wide. 

For more information on becoming a Mentor or a Partner contact Christina Allen, Peer Support Coordinator, via phone 905-213-5586 or email