Brain Injury Information

The Brain Injury Association of Canada
Our mandate is to improve the quality of life for all Canadians affected by acquired brain injury and promote its prevention. As well, BIAC is dedicated to facilitate post-trauma research, education and advocacy in partnership with national, provincial/territorial and regional associations and other stakeholders.

Ontario Brain Injury Association
Mission Statement: To enhance the lives of Ontarians living with the effects of acquired brain injury through education, awareness and support.

Heads Up! Durham
A brain injury awareness and prevention community mobilization whose time has come!

The Toronto ABI Network
Mission: To provide leadership in furthering equitable, accessible, responsive, cost-effective and quality publicly-funded services and support for persons living with the effects of an acquired brain injury in the Greater Toronto Area

Stop Concussions is a concussion/neurotrauma educational and awareness platform for all sports, to address the growing trend of concussion in sports.

Sports Injuries from Youth to Professional Sports 
Sport-related accidents involving the head can lead to serious injury, and when brain damage is involved, the impact can be devastating and long-lasting. Brain injuries in sports can occur when two athletes collide, when an athlete is hit in the head with sporting equipment, or when someone falls. Even routine activities when playing sports, such as heading a ball in a soccer game, can result in a concussion and irreversible brain damage.

A Parent’s Guide to Brain Injuries in Sports
While sports is generally a safe activity, and precautions are in place to prevent injuries from happening, they do occasionally occur. To learn more about brain injuries we have provided a number of useful resources for parents and others looking for more information.

A HELPFUL GUIDE & FACTS:Traumatic Brain Injury
This guide should give you an overview of TBI’s – understanding diagnosis, symptoms, treatment options and help available.


Resources & Community Services

Disabilty Doorway
This website is designed to assist persons with disabilities and/or their families by providing information on resources and services that can help improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

Durham Region Employment Network
The Durham Region Employment Network (DREN) is a not-for-profit agency that is focused on employment for people with barriers. Member agencies, employers and job seekers all benefit from our effective network. Let us help…

Feed the Need Durham
Feed the Need in Durham is a non-profit, charitable organization that is fighting to end hunger right here in Durham Region. Thousands of local people rely on food banks and soup kitchens to get the food necessary to sustain life. Feed the Need in Durham serves the majority of these people through our member agencies located in neighbourhoods across the Region

Community Development Council Durham
The Community Development Council Durham (CDCD) is an independent, not-for-profit social planning organization that has been working to enhance the quality of life for individuals, families and communities in Durham for more than 40 years. We organize and implement a variety of research, community development and social planning initiatives as well as administer and deliver front line social service programs. Provides weekly apartment rental list.

Health Care Connects
Health Care Connect helps Ontarians who are without a family health care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner) to find one. People without a family health care provider are referred to a family doctor or a nurse practitioner who is accepting new patients in their community.

Car Accident vs Sports Injury
If you’ve ever gotten tackled in a full-contact football game, you know firsthand that it does much more than knock the wind out of you. Depending upon the intensity of the hit and the type of protective gear you’re wearing, injuries could range from mild to severe, like a few bruised ribs to a concussion.
For those who’ve never had the pleasure of playing tackle football before, an injury like a concussion isn’t entirely out of the question. Even a small fender bender can cause a more serious head injury that could warrant a trip to the hospital.

The Importance of Using Safety Equipment
There are many benefits to children being involved in sports. Sports help build up a child’s self-esteem while encouraging them to form friendships that could last a lifetime. Organized sports can also be an excellent learning tool that can teach children life skills such as problem-solving, time management, and goal-setting. However, participating in sports is not without its risks. There are a few important things to keep in mind that will help ensure your child’s safety while participating in sports.